The Beau & the Belle

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Genre: Contemporary Romance, Rom-Com, New Adult

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

The Queen of rom-coms delivers once more!!

An extract of the dialogue that took place between my Brain and my Heart after I finished The Beau & the Belle is cited below. There might be some inconsistencies because I was still flushed from the sizzling chemistry between Lauren and Beau. You have been warned.


Brain: *cries in silence*

Heart: What is wrong, Brain? I thought we were happy.

Brain: Error 404.

Heart: What?

Brain: My cells cannot function properly. I think they're clouded from the scorching heat, and I can’t process what is happening.

Heart: It’s simple, really, we just fell in love.

Brain: Again? How is it possible? This is getting ridiculous, we can’t keep falling in love with R.S. Grey's male leads! Their numbers make up a football team!

Heart: Well this is a team that could easily make me love football! Go team hot dudes!

Brain: I wonder, though, how does she do it? She has never failed to create hot hot hot and hilarious and adorable couples that turn us into babbling mess-

Mouth: I second that, I’m stuck in a foolish grin and I can’t get rid of it!

Brain: Just remember we’ll never find someone like Beau Fortier.


Yeap, that worked.

Heart: Why are you such a wet blanket? Poor Mouth will never smile again.

Brain: We have to go back to reality. The Beau & the Belle was an uplifting, feel-good novel that turned me -

Heart: Us

Brain: - into a pile of goo, and made Stomach hurt from laughter, but you need to realize that things like that don’t happen. That way, growing old along with our cat collection will be easier.

Heart: But - 

Brain: Let me finish! Do you plan on visiting New Orleans?

Heart: No but - 

Brain: And tasting king cake? Attending fancy charity balls?

Heart: No, but we did finish law school and we almost burned the house when we tried to cook once, so there are some similarities.

Brain: Did we meet someone like Beau in law school?

Heart: *deflated* No, everyone was uptight in the not-so-sexy way, and we only drooled out of boredom, not because boys were delicious enough to make Mouth water like Beau.

Mouth: I second that!

Brain: Stop seconding and keep on consuming cookies! See Heart? You need to wake up!

Heart: Honestly, Brain, all I can hear is incoherent grumpy mumbling! I loved The Beau & the Belle, I loved the warmth that enveloped me and made me race whenever Beau and Lauren were close, and that giddy feeling I can’t shake off. And even you, smartass, can agree that the difference between the narration of teenage Lauren and adult Lauren was really well depicted, so thumbs up for that! My only complaint is that it ended rather abruptly, I wanted wedding bells and babies and a public rejection of Preston - 

Brain: Dude I wanted the last one too!

Mouth: I sec-

Brain and Heart: Shut up Mouth!

Heart: And didn’t you enjoy the slow burn? I needed a fire extinguisher because my panties were on fire!

Brain: Classy, Heart, so classy.

Heart: But oh so true. Tell me, what’s your verdict then?

Brain: Fine, it’s one of those times I agree with you.

Heart: Halleluiah!

Brain: It’s R.S. Grey after all, an instant-buy author whenever in need for smile and detectable tension and feisty and adorkable heroines and male leads you want to bite

Heart: Yum yum! *suddenly giggles*

Brain: What?

Heart: I just remember the instant messenger conversations! I wanted to die off second hand embarrassment! 

Brain: *bursts into a fit of laughter*

If Brain and Heart agreeing on something didn't convince you to read The Beau & the Belle, what can? Puppies playing peek-a-boo?

*ARC generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*


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