Wizard's First Rule (Sword of Truth #1)

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(This review is for the entire Sword of Truth series) The Sword of Truth series is one you either love or hate. There's no middle ground. 


The level of magic in this series is unrivalled by any other series in the genre in my opinion. The magic is so wonderful, so explicit, so brilliant that you feel your skin tingle. 

Having enjoyed the TV series, I accidentally came upon the ebooks online and decided to try it out. Alas, the shows reflected only a fraction of the true depth in greatness of this series. 

There are underlying themes of love, freedom, and human choices. The main plot is a thin covering for the real message the author is trying to pass across. While some readers might find the lengthy rantings by the authors characters boring, I found it really interesting. It's a break from the short, clipped conversations in fantasy. The dialogues are fantastic, oozing a level of reality that is only matched by real world conversation. 

The magic system is the best I've ever encountered in all my years of reading epic fantasy. Each brand of magic is unique, has strict rules and works in tandem with the plot: nothing is off key. It's like a perfect orchestra! 

The characters are some of my favourite ever in the genre. And then there's the badass fighting! If there's a word to describe this series, it's VIOLENT! 

The storyline is so powerful, not everyone has the mental strength to keep going. It's one of the reasons why this series has split opinions in so many quarters. It's bulky, about 700+ pages per book. But it's certainly worth it! 



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