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The Forgotten Girl
21, Jun

"Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing."

The Inside Dark
12, Jun

The Inside Dark is a never-ending rollercoaster ride of emotion. You'll ride all the highs and stumble or crawl along with all the lows in this psychologically taut thriller. 

World War Hulk (World War Hulk)
08, Jun

Full of explosions, face-punchery, and lots of green, World War Hulk was a fun ride down Banner Lane and ends with some extraordinarily flashy fight scenes.

Wolverine: Old Man Logan (Wolverine, Vol. III #13)
05, Jun

Everyone knows who Wolverine is, right? Not X-men Origins Wolverine or The Wolverine. We are talking about bad-a$$ Logan. Kinda sorta the one from the movie because he is old, tired, and grizzly; his healing factor has faltered a bit and he just wants to get away from all of the violence. 

Destroyer #1
05, Jun

Modern-day continuation, not simply a re-telling, of Frankenstein.

Good Behavior (Letty Dobesh Chronicles #1-3)
02, Jun

First off, thank you to NetGalley for providing me with an advance reading copy of Good Behavior. Now, before I begin my review, I have to let you know something. My review may be a tad biased as Blake Crouch is one of my favorite authors. Dark Matter, up until reading Beyond Redemption by Michael R. Fletcher, was my #1 read of 2016 and it was still really close to topping BR. Now on to Good Behavior...

The Mirror's Truth (Manifest Delusions #2)
02, Jun

After loving Beyond Redemption and choosing it as my top read of 2016, I was beyond excited (get it?) to see that Fletcher wrote a sequel.

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