Kings of the Wyld (The Band, #1)
04, Mar

 I may be taking a risk here, what with being still on March and all that, but I'll declare Kings of the Wyld debut of the year. 

Swarm and Steel (Manifest Delusions #3)
04, Mar

Fletcher's new stand-alone novel in the world of Manifest Delusions is, simply said, mind-blowing. Literally. 

The Heart of Stone
18, Feb

The Heart of Stone is the first book of Ben Galley that I ever got to read, and oh-boy do I ache for more.

Veiled Intentions (The Dragon's Blade #2)
07, Feb

Veiled Intentions is a richly imagined, powerful and poignant story, and a stairway that Miller both built and ascended, leaving the land of the good and joining the band of the great. 

29, Jan

Paternus is a smartly written and laden with emotion debut, and Dyrk Ashton is a promising author beyond doubt.

Black Cross (Black Powder Wars #1)
11, Jan

Picking up and reading Black Cross, you will witness, more or less, a great author in the making.        

Dawn of Darkness (The Knights of Ezazeruth #2)
26, Dec

Few Authors out there dare to kill their main protagonist, even in the GrimDark sub-genre of Fantasy. To do so in the first book of a trilogy, and keep him dead in the second (Spoiler: For half of the book) requires huge cojones. Now, to do all of these and succeed in doing so... that requires a talented author. And Thomas R. Gaskin is exactly that.