There are two things Katerina can't live without; books and chocolate. And since she needs money to acquire them, she decided to become a lawyer (and she still wonders whether this was a good idea). When she's not reading, she keeps wishing she was reading, about wars, wizards, dark princes and great romances. Her favorite genres are Fantasy (both YA and Adult) and Contemporary Romance.

The Queen and the Cure (The Bird and the Sword Chronicles, #2) 21, May

Rating: 5 stars

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Magic

There once was a man named Kjell of Jeru who was not easy to love.

He had slayed monsters and men, he had bathed his hands in blood and he protected his heart with a shield of stone, afraid to feel, afraid to dream. When he learned he was a Healer, blessed by the Gods, it was not easy of him to find the balance between his sword and the cure he could offer, he could not understand how to care for anyone other than his brother. But one night, under sharp rocks and with in his clothes, he met his Fate.

Tiger Lily 13, May

Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Retellings, Fairytales

“Let me tell you something straight off. This is a love story, but not like any you've ever heard. The boy and the girl are far from innocent. Dear lives are lost. And good doesn't win. In some places, there is something ultimately good about endings. In Neverland, that is not the case.”

My body is not enough to contain the largeness of Tiger Lily's beauty.

When It's Real 07, May

Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Music, Young Adult

Expected publication: May 30th 2017 by Harlequin Teen


Guilty pleasure (n.):

Something pleasurable that induces a usually minor feeling of guilt (probably because you should be doing some serious real-life stuff instead of getting lost in said pleasures).