M.L. Spencer

M.L. Spencer

Seraphina's Lament (The Bloodlands #1) 27, Apr


Seraphina’s Lament is a dark and gritty tale that follows six would-be saviors of the world in an interesting take on the Chosen One theme. Seraphina and her twin brother Neryan were born with elemental talent. Seraphina wields the gift of fire, while Neryan commands the gift of water. Both have been enslaved in a kingdom ruled by the ruthless Premier Eyad, a sociopathic revolutionary who has come into his own. But while Neryan escaped years ago, Seraphina has continued to be the slave of Eyad and suffered greatly at his hand, both in spirit as well as body.


Cthulhu Armageddon (Cthulhu Armageddon #1) 23, Feb

Captain John Henry Booth, United States Remnant Recon and Extermination Ranger, murdered his entire squadron while assaulting the Black Cathedral in the Great Barrier Desert. Because of this catastrophic event, Booth was found guilty of treason and executed. His wife was reassigned to another spouse and his children were re-purposed other families. Only…

The Shadow of the High King (The Weaving Shadows #1) 28, Jan

I’ve been a fan of Frank Dorrian for a while now—ever since I read his novella To Brave the End. I vowed over a year ago to read his full-length novel The Shadow of the High King, but things kept popping up and getting in the way. So I finally got everything off my plate and sat down to read something I figured I’d enjoy. And, thankfully, I was right.

Loved it.