M.L. Spencer

M.L. Spencer

100 Miles and Vampin 02, Dec


I found 100 Miles and Vampin’ a worthy sequel to Straight Outta Fangton. As always when opening up a novel by C.T. Phipps, I found myself in good hands. There’s just something about Phipps’ saucy voice and pop culture references that I find immediately comforting, like warm chicken soup. A dash of sarcasm there, a pinch of  80’s nostalgia there, and you’ve got yourself the makings of a truly entertaining read.

Straight Outta Fangton 04, Nov

Reading Straight Outta Fangton is like being in a Mel Brooks-induced vampire coma with Buffy and Blade repeats looping in your dreams. I started laughing on page one and didn’t stop until the end.

Grimdark Magazine Issue #17 18, Oct

I had a lot of fun with this read! I love grimdark fantasy. So naturally, when I got my hands on this issue of Grimdark Magazine, I jumped right in with both feet and was not disappointed!