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The Memoirs of a Faun 19, Sep


The Memoirs of a Faun by Caldon Mull 

The story itself, is of a unique group called the Numinous Constraint Agency. It is their job to recover Numinosities living in our world who are in moving into their Luminous Cycling. Cycling can be a very dangerous time for mortals in contact with them and the world we inhabit could be destroyed if they’re left to run the gauntlet alone and unencumbered. The Numinous Constraint team, consists of an Angel, a Titan, a human agent from the CIA, and the boss, Arteus, the Faun.

The Great Restoration (A Tale of the Verin Empire #2) 27, Aug

 The Great Restoration by William Ray is a low fantasy with a steampunk flavor. This is the second book set in the Tales of the Verin Empire series. The books are set against the backdrop of the revolt by humans, forty years earlier, against the ruling class of Elves for their horrific treatment of humans as slaves.

Blue Prometheus 28, Aug

Blue Prometheus by Ned Marcus  Blue Prometheus is a fantasy adventure initially set in our modern times. It begins with a pair of humans who have no knowledge of magic, when a craft from another world drops into the middle of riots in Clapton Pond in London. The two main characters, Thomas and Lucy, are friends who believe they were in the wrong place at the wrong time when they are informed by a mysterious being aboard the strange ship that they are needed to come and save another world.They are the prophesied Bright Ones.