Michael McLendon is an actor living in NYC.

His favorite authors are Brandon Sanderson and Mark Lawrence. 

If he's not reading, he's making faces in front of a mirror or watching something with swords and/or explosions.

The Curse Recalled (Recital of Unsung Kings #1) 01, Dec

The Curse Recalled by J. E. Merritt is a finely wrought epic fantasy with striking cinematic visuals and incredibly compelling characters. 

The Water Road (The Water Road Trilogy #1) 01, Dec

The Water Road by J. D. Byrne is a sociopolitical fantasy that, while well written, fails to make the wheels of its world and characters turn in a consistently believable way. 

Whispers of Flame (The Cinders of Retha #1) 01, Dec

Whispers of Flame by Louis Emery is an efficient if sparsely written fantasy adventure with good intrigue and action.