C.T. Phipps

C.T. Phipps

C.T Phipps is a lifelong student of horror, science fiction, and fantasy. An avid tabletop gamer, he discovered this passion led him to write and turned him into a lifelong geek. He is a regular blogger on "The United Federation of Charles".

He's written Agent G, Cthulhu Armageddon, Lucifer's Star, and The Supervillainy Saga.

Broken Angels (Takeshi Kovacs #2) by Richard K. Morgan Book Review 27, May

BROKEN ANGELS is the second novel of the Takeshi Kovacs series. Whereas Altered Carbon was a future noir detective story in the future, Broken Angels is a war picture. Even the decades change with Altered Carbon feeling vaguely 1940s-like, Broken Angels feels like it takes place in a pseudo-Vietnam. I was initially disappointed to see none of the original cast was returning from the first book but Takeshi himself and that this took place no less than thirty years later. I really became fond of Detective Ortega, the Bancrofts, and other characters as well as the Pulp-ish mood. Still, I was willing to give the novel a shot and am glad I did.

Crimes against Magic (Helllequin Chronicles #1) 22, May


What to do when you don't have the Dresden Files to read. It has been a LONG time since PEACE TALKS by Jim Butcher was announced. I don't blame Jim Butcher for this as he had to deal with his dog dying, building a new house, a divorce, and a new marriage. However, if you are a die-hard fan of urban fantasy then it was one of your regular staples being put on hiatus. Thankfully, this turned out to be a good thing both for me and other urban fantasy authors as it required us to read other great titles! People who would never have checked out my books (I was a Teenage Weredeer, Straight Outta Fangton) or future classics like the Hellequin Chronicles.

Opinion on the Game of Thrones finale 20, May

   One author's opinion, at least. So, eight seasons have wrapped up on the world's most successful fantasy project with the possible exception of The Lord of the Rings. Given that I am actually calling it a split decision between those two things, that's a pretty much statement right there. Game of Thrones is everywhere and completed the story George R.R. Martin may never finish. Indeed, now that we've seen what is probably an approximation of his ending--he may end up like Stephen King and wonder if his fans would appreciate it [I'm referring to the controversial ending to the Dark Tower].