C.T. Phipps

C.T. Phipps

C.T Phipps is a lifelong student of horror, science fiction, and fantasy. An avid tabletop gamer, he discovered this passion led him to write and turned him into a lifelong geek. He is a regular blogger on "The United Federation of Charles".

He's written Agent G, Cthulhu Armageddon, Lucifer's Star, and The Supervillainy Saga.

Song (The Manhunters #1) 20, Apr


SONG by Jesse Teller is a book I had to read twice because it is a work which is full of interesting elements that are not only noticeable on the second read through. It's a novel which is very economical with its world-building and yet manages to weave a fascinating tapestry of a kingdom, its culture, and its enemies. It reminds me a great deal of the old Dragonlance or Forgotten Realms novels which had vast numbers of bad guys as well as plots as well as counter-plots but we only got to see a tiny fraction of them in the existing books.

A Wizard's Forge (The Woern Saga 1#) 18, Apr


A WIZARD'S FORGE by A.M. Justice is a story which I was recommended and by a poster I liked on the grimdark as well as fantasy forums. It existed somewhere in the middle of my TBR pile for some time, not really making too much progress since I didn't know what to make of it. What is the story about? What is the protagonist? It's about a wizard, right? Eventually, I got around to finally reading it and I was blown away. It's so far the best self-published novel I've read in 2018 and would be definitely something I'd support for the next SPFBO.

Broken Nights: Strange Worlds (Broken Nights #2) 08, Apr


    Superhero fiction is a niche genre in a niche genre. Superheroes thrive in comic books, video games, and movies but aren't so very popular in prose fiction. Perhaps because it's such a visual medium but I think it's more there's just never been an iconic example of the genre. Despite this, there's some truly great examples of superhero fiction which I've been proud to review. Things like Wearing the Cape, Origins of a D-List Supervillain, Soon I Will Be Invincible, and Villains Rule.