David Walters is a real estate agent in Birmingham, AL. When not showing houses or writing up contracts, he spends his time reading and listening to books or spending time with his wife and 2 dogs.

The Collapsing Empire (The Interdependency #1) 25, Apr

John Scalzi makes his return to Space Opera with 'The Collapsing Empire', the first in the Interdependency series (set to run through 2027... Just a decade, no biggie). Not having read his Old Man's War series, but having heard plenty of great things about it, I knew I could trust what reviewers are saying about this one and not be disappointed.

Promise of Blood (Powder Mage #1) 14, Apr

Promise of Blood is my first foray into McClellan's writing and I have to say he now has a new reader for life. Though Sins of Empire was going to be the first, I was convinced by friends that I just HAD to read the Powder Mage trilogy first or Sins would spoil everything. Having gotten to about 25% into Sins and then starting Promise, I have to say that my friends were right. Do what I did, and don't forget about the novellas. 

Aftermath (Star Wars: Aftermath #1) 14, Apr

After some deliberation and the fact that there are 2 more books to go in the trilogy that I have yet to read/listen to, I decided to give Aftermath another go. The first time around, I found myself back in nerd heaven. I mean come on, its Star Wars. What more do you need? It starts where Return of the Jedi ends and ends where The Force Awakens begins. It has Han Solo, Chewbacca, Leia Organa, Wedge Antilles, AND Admiral Akbar, just to name a few. It has to bring back all the feels and get people pumped for the new Star Wars movies and canon, right? Well, it didn't. For A TON of people. And there are. A few reasons. Why. (Sorry, Chuck. I, in particular, like the way you write).