Announcing the Winners of the 2017 BookNest Fantasy Awards

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October is over, and so are this year's BookNest Fantasy Awards. I would like to thank once more all those who nominated books in the first stage (GollanczHarper VoyagerTor.comFantasy FactionFantasy Book ReviewFantasy Book CriticParmenionGrim Tidings & Kitty G)  and the public who voted in the second and third stage. The prizes (dagger, kopis & broadsword) will be engraved and send to the winners within November. 

And now, to the winners....



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  • RB Watkinson RB Watkinson commented on Nov 01, 2017 Comment Link

    Congratulations to the winner. To me they were all brilliant books, so I quite understand why there were few votes between them, right down to just one.

  • S. C. Flynn S. C. Flynn commented on Nov 01, 2017 Comment Link

    I voted for a winner! (First time for everything)

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