Lantern City Vol. 1

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Read in May, 2016

I've been hearing good things about this comic for a while, so I picked it up when I was at Emerald City Comic Con. (And was lucky enough to meet the creators at the same time, who were super cool folks.)


First, I have to say that I really liked the art. And that's a bit of a rare thing for me when I'm reading a graphic novel. I tend to focus on the words and the story, and though it makes me ashamed to admit it, I tend to be a little blind to the art.

But that didn't happen here. Something about the art caught my eye and held it. Not in an obtrusive way. I just found myself appreciating it. Maybe I'm maturing as a comic reader, and gaining a little more graphic literacy.The story was solid, too. There were a few places in the story where I found myself flinching in anticipation of a tired cliche, but the story never went down that road.So yeah. I enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next volume.

Review by: Patrick Rothfuss

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