An Unattractive Vampire

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Read in June, 2016

I get sent pre-release copies of books quite often. Usually because authors or publishers are looking for promotional blurbs or a little help spreading the word about an upcoming publication. This was one of those books. I got an ARC ages ago, but I only recently pulled it off the shelf.


Starting to read it, I was pleasantly surprised. Good start. Pulled me right in. Good language. Good, distinct tone. Playful but well-written. Then I looked at the letter that had been sent along with the book and kicked myself: I was reading it two months *after* the publication date. Far too late to give it a promotional blurb. Too late to give it a push in the early days of the book's release.

This happens fairly often. But I especially regret it this time, as the book is Published by Sword and Laser. A new small press. This made me feel doubly bad. It's hard to be a new small press. And it was the guy's first book. It's really hard to get attention these days if you're a new author or a new press. I wish I could have helped them out more. I will say this. I really enjoyed it. It was fun and funny. It kept me up late on a night when I *really* was hoping to get some extra sleep. 

And I really wish I'd read it earlier because I *would* have given it a gushy blurb. If that means anything to you. Maybe consider picking it up?


Review by: Patrick Rothfuss

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