Beyond Redemption (Manifest Delusions, #1)

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At around 15-20% through the book, I was thinking that IF it got a lot better soon enough, it might get four stars, or else it will have to do with three. Finishing the book, I can only say this: A perfect five is not nearly enough. 

In a World not far from our own in the Middle Ages, people can define reality with their beliefs. Think that someone loves you desperately, and he will die serving you. Think that you can manifest flames, and you will burn everything around you. Think that you can create a God, and who knows... you may fuck up the world. 

"Most only dare tread the waters of insanity at night as they lie dreaming. Cowards. Dive deep into your psychopathy. Let loose the demons of delusion and know, in the end, when they finally devour you, you swam with sharks"

I had a little bit of trouble getting into this story. With weird German names on the one hand (if I knew Fletcher a little better, I would tell him to stick "Geldangelegenheiten" where the sun don't shine), and what only at the beginning seemed like a couple of boring characters on the other, I thought that I wouldn't really enjoy the story. But man, am I bad at predictions. 

Fletcher's debut is a compelling, bizarre and addictive story that unfolds and unfolds with unbound imagination that itself is augmented by a polyphonic prose and a rarely but masterfully used Pathetic Fallacy. Allegorical quotes that manage to be entertaining as well as didactic only amplify this excellent composition. 

 The "magic" system is well-thought-out, easy to understand and rather original (at least to me) having seen something similar only on The Broken Empire by Mark Lawrence. The characters are compelling and multidimensional, and the world-building can only be described as mesmerizing

All in all, Beyond Redemption is a great, dark, gritty and grim story that deserves your attention, and with the publication date of the 2nd book only a few days away, you may as well start it today. 

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