Death's Mistress (Sister of Darkness: The Nicci Chronicles #1)

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The fact is that epic fantasy doesn't get more epic than Terry Goodkind... 

Death's Mistress promised much and duly delivered. The most recent SoT book I read was The Omen Machine, so I wasn't very prepared for this. But luckily, Goodkind writes every book in his SoT universe like it's a standalone, and not just part of a larger series. 

Death's Mistress chronicles the adventures of Death's Mistress herself, Nicci as she ventures on a journey to spread the good tidings of the new Lord Rahl to the farthest reaches of the Old World. Accompanied by the wizard Nathan and the young idealist Bannon, she discovers new depths of dark grimness, while her companions Nathan and Bannon have to come to terms with a changing world... 

As it is with all Goodkind books, the story is dark and grim. I think the likes of Mark Lawrence and Joe Abercrombie can borrow a thing or two from Goodkind as regards grimness. There's a lot of blood, gore and explicit violence, all in a hundred shades of horrifying variety. In a nutshell, the book is action packed 

The plot follows one single thread all through, so there are no flashbacks or multiple parallel plotlines. Much of the themes in the book revolve around the Good vs Evil mantra that is a major feature of Terry Goodkind's works. However, the clichéd theme should not deter potential readers from this brilliantly written book because Goodkind has mastered the art of writing Good vs Evil in a hundred different ways, each with it's own unique peculiar sense of thrill. 

Highly, highly recommended


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