Review Policy

We are happy to hear from authors and publishers, but please keep the following in mind. 



I accept only physical ARC/Proof copies/manuscripts.

Genres: Fantasy preferred, but everything will be considered.



 I accept physical copies. I make a few exceptions for e-copies only if I've already read and reviewed a book from the same author, but print is strongly preferred.

Genres: Fantasy (Young Adult, New Adult, Adult), Paranormal (Young Adult, New Adult, Adult) & Contemporary Romance (New Adult, Adult, NOT Erotica, NO love triangles).

I usually don't respond to offers that don't interest me, but don't take that as a sign that you shouldn't contact me for other books in the future.



I accept physical copies. Physical copies are my preferred book format. However, I don't mind e-books occasionally. 

Genres: Epic Fantasy, High Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery, Grimdark, YA, and Sci-fi



I accept physical copies. I accept e-books only if I have already read & reviewed a book from the same series or author, but a physical copy is still preferred.

Genres: Adult Epic Fantasy, High Fantasy, Grimdark & Sci-Fi



If you are still interested in requesting a review, visit the CONTACT FORM