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Queen of Fire (Raven's Shadow, #3) 18, Aug

Read from October 03 to October 15, 2015

The Queen of Fire was a nice book, bringing Vaelin's Saga to an end and closing all the open threads, but unfortunately it was not what i was anticipating.

The Waking Fire (The Draconis Memoria #1) 05, Jul

 Read from June 30 to July 05, 2016

I received a signed ARC of The Waking Fire the day before my birthday. Best birthday gift ever?  I'll begin by saying that The Waking Fire is nothing like the Blood Song. If you are looking for a Badass and heroic, flaming-sword-holding and ever-winning protagonist, you are searching in the wrong place.

Blood Song (Raven's Shadow, #1) 16, Jun

Read from January 13 to 24, 2015

Blood Song is, perhaps, the greatest self-published story i have read in the past five years.