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The Curse Recalled (Recital of Unsung Kings #1)
01, Dec

The Curse Recalled by J. E. Merritt is a finely wrought epic fantasy with striking cinematic visuals and incredibly compelling characters. 

The Water Road (The Water Road Trilogy #1)
01, Dec

The Water Road by J. D. Byrne is a sociopolitical fantasy that, while well written, fails to make the wheels of its world and characters turn in a consistently believable way. 

Whispers of Flame (The Cinders of Retha #1)
01, Dec

Whispers of Flame by Louis Emery is an efficient if sparsely written fantasy adventure with good intrigue and action. 

Cardboard Castles
01, Dec

Cardboard Castles by K. L. Young is part YA drama/coming of age and part portal fantasy with successes and failures in execution. 

The Red Deaths (Keys of Candor)
30, Nov

The Dominion has awakened.

Three Red Deaths. Three linked lives.

One Keeper of the Keys.

Magic-Price (The Crown of Stones #1)
28, Nov

“I was a weapon. Somehow, I’d forgotten that.”

Ian Troy is a Shinree, the only one among his once glorious race that is not drugged and kept docile in order to suppress his magical powers. Still, he is a slave in his own way. Kept on a leash by the kingdom of Rella, compelled to protect her when the need arises, Troy is a weapon. Until that fateful day came, and the world tasted the might and disastrous effects of his magic. Now a sword for hire, he hunts bandits and brigands until the same war he stopped at a terrible price erupts once more, this time more cruel and devastating. The enemies are savage, bent on conquering the continent through massacres and magic long forgotten. Amidst chaos, nightmares, questionable alliances and slaughters of the innocent, Ian must determine his place in the power struggle, enhance his abilities and choose what he is fighting for.

The Lost Voice (The Chronicles of Jaydur #1)
19, Nov

THE LOST VOICE is a high fantasy novel which follows the adventures of Caia Foriei as she is summoned to assume the mantle of her divine ancestor after the "The Voices" are murdered. She is hunted by the sinstarian and anyone else who will bring back the Voices. Caia ends up banished to another universe, which screws over Jaydur badly, and she must rely on a man named Archai to restore her memory as well as bring light back to Jaydur.

The Tainted Crown (Books of Caledan #1)
07, Nov

What is the price of kingship?

The kingdom of Caledan is in peril.

07, Nov

Brutal is a book that was possibly spawned when Mad Max, Conan, and the Wild West had a threesome.

The Dragon Orb
29, Oct

Dragon Orb is an adventurous book about friendship, that revels in as many YA tropes as it can find.

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