Petros is the creator & owner of BookNest. He lives in Patrai, Greece, where he works as a betting agent.

In his free time you may find him reading books, watching TV, and participating in Roman orgies (not really). 

He also has an infatuation with sloths that others might call unhealthy.

Chaste 29, May

Jesse Teller is a new voice in Grimdark fantasy, and if you like your books dark and bloody as hell, then he might as well be your new favorite author.

Art of War 25, May

Last year we hosted BookNest's Fabulous Fantasy Fundraiser, and managed to raise 4,400$ for MSF (Doctors Without Borders) with the help of 100 authors and 154 supporters. This year, we are taking it one step further. With the help of thirty-eight Fantasy Authors, we're launching a charitable Anthology! 

Tyrant's Throne (Greatcoats #4) 30, Apr

I have to admit that when I first-started this series, I wasn't the biggest fan, but times change, and people (change) with them. Greatcoats is now one of my favorite series of all times.