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Peter Tr

Peter Tr

Peter Tr is the creator & owner of 

He lives in Patrai,Greece and works as a Bookmaker (betting agent).

In his free time he is reading books, watching TV series, and participating in Roman orgies (not really). 

Giveaway! 04, Mar

To celebrate the release of Red Sister by Mark Lawrence in exactly one month, we are holding two different Giveaways with 8 hardcovers in total!

The Heart of Stone 18, Feb

The Heart of Stone is the first book of Ben Galley that I ever got to read, and oh-boy do I ache for more.

The Great Game (trilogy) 09, Feb

The Great Game Trilogy begins with Past Imperative, first published in 1995. I probably picked it up in 1998, a hardcover Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Club mail-away which also contained the second and third volumes, Present Tense and Future Indefinite. As is the way with these things, I loaned the book out to a friend. Anyone who's done the same will know instantly that I never saw it again. Not long ago, I remembered the book and managed to find the same hardcover, 3-in-1 edition, and sent away my hard-earned nickels to the eBay vendor.