Daryl Graves
Daryl Graves

Daryl Graves

Daryl is a 25 year old living in South Wales, UK. 

Outside of reading he enjoys ice hockey, live music and Gaming. Basically an all round nerd.

Sowing (The Purification Era #1) 17, Apr

Sowing is the first book in The Purification Era series by Angie Grigaliunas. Although its labelled as YA, I would put it down as more of a Grimdark-ish fantasy. Its definitely more adult that YA. Set in a dystopian world on the brink of war, we follow two sisters who are completely different from each other. One is a rebel and the other is the perfect civilian, well perfect according to the power obsessed Hulcondans.

Ruthless Magic (Conspiracy Of Magic #1) 09, Apr

Ruthless Magic is the first instalment in Megan Crewe's Conspiracy of Magic Series. For me it felt a lot like The Hunger Games if magic was involved. I tend to stay away from Urban Fantasy and YA books purely because they are not my cup of tea. But I must admit, after reading some reviews for this book, I was pretty excited to read it. So here's my thoughts.

A Time Of Blood (Of Blood and Bone #2) 04, Apr

5/5 Stars

“This world is full of one blood-feud or another, an endless cycle.”

A Time of Blood is the second book in the phenomenal new series Of Blood and Bone by John Gwynne. I didn't think it was possible to get better than the Faithful and The Fallen but somehow John Gwynne has improved even more and gifted us readers with what is proving to be an absolute masterclass of a series.