Dyrk Ashton
Dyrk Ashton

Dyrk Ashton

Dyrk Ashton is a Midwestern U.S. boy who spent some time in Hollywood. He teaches film, geeks out on movies and books, and writes about regular folks and their trouble with monsters. Author of The Paternus Trilogy, of which book one, Paternus: Rise of Gods, placed third out of 300 entries in Mark Lawrence's SPFBO 2016.

The Ember Child (The Godsbane #1) 16, Oct

My fifth and final review for the SPFBO! This a review of my last (but not least) book as a guest judge for Booknest in this year's competition. I guess I'm going to have to make a choice as to which book I put forward as a semi-finalist soon. It's not going to be easy. Today I'm reviewing a really terrific book called The Ember Child, by Anthony Mitchell. As a starting point, think Macbeth meets 300...

Twin Spirit (Domino Galaxy #1) 17, Oct

My SPFBO review number 4! That's four of the five books I'm guest judging for Booknest this year, and so far it has been a wonderful experience. Today, Twin Spirit by Matthew Thompson...

Dragon Bones (The Dragonwalker #1) 14, Oct

My SPFBO review number three! As I've mentioned, I'm a guest judge this year for Booknest, one of six, and my task is to read and review five of Booknest's batch of thirty books (no ratings), and forward my pick of the lot as a semifinalist. Today I'm reviewing D.K. Holmberg's Dragon Bones.