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To celebrate the release of Red Sister by Mark Lawrence in exactly one month, we are holding two different Giveaways with 8 hardcovers in total!

The first Giveaway (4x books) is in our Facebook Page, and the second one (4x books) is right here! To take part, you simply have to comment if you want a US or a UK copy! The Giveaway ends on Sunday, March 19, 2017. The four lucky winners will be selected and announced on the following day. 

 In the meantime, you can simply Pre-order the Book. 

UPDATE: The giveaway is over! The lucky winners are:

US cover #1: John McClung

US cover #2: Alex

UK cover #1: Jai Vn

UK cover #2: Justin Ashton 

The winners should contact us via email with their personal info (full name, address etc). Please use the same email that you used for your comment. 

If you are not one of the aforementioned winners, then head over to our other giveaway. Perhaps you are lucky there! 

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  • Tim oliver Tim oliver commented on Mar 04, 2017 Comment Link

    If I don't get the US copy I will fight all of you til the end

  • Alex Alex commented on Mar 04, 2017 Comment Link

    us please!

  • J P Ashman J P Ashman commented on Mar 04, 2017 Comment Link

    UK ftw!

  • Kenneth Kenneth commented on Mar 04, 2017 Comment Link

    I would love to win a UK copy to go with my already pre-ordered US copy.

  • Laura Laura commented on Mar 04, 2017 Comment Link

    Would love a UK copy!

  • Colin Shingler Colin Shingler commented on Mar 04, 2017 Comment Link

    Brilliant. I'd love the UK copy please

  • John McClung John McClung commented on Mar 04, 2017 Comment Link

    Great giveaway! I would really love to win the US hardcover!!!!

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