Giveaway (thatthornguy)

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Have you joined our first giveaway at Facebook? What about our second one right here? Are they not enough for you? Then you can check another one over at!

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Petros is the creator & owner of BookNest. He lives in Patrai, Greece, where he works as a betting agent.

In his free time you may find him reading books, watching TV, and participating in Roman orgies (not really). 

He also has an infatuation with sloths that others might call unhealthy.


  • moon moon commented on Apr 18, 2018 Comment Link

    Hello, I'm new to the LYB and the MA product lines. Thanks for a chance to win from both of them! Can't wait to see the projects this week!

  • Susan Walker Susan Walker commented on Mar 08, 2017 Comment Link

    Please tell me I am the winner! Already signed for the other one! Can't wait for this book!

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